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Speech on Child Labour for 2 Minutes

Speech on Child Labour for 2 Minutes
Child Labour In India Essay In Englsih

Speech on Child Labour for 2 Minutes

Good morning everyone present. I am going to expatiate on ‘Child Labor’. Child labor is the most sinister bane in our society. in spite of so many laws protecting child security, safety, and welfare the problem of child labour has been persisting in all parts of India. The adverse effects of this problem affect the growth and development of children only, but the progress of our nation also.
Speech on Child Labour for 2 Minutes
Stop Child Labour

Child Labour Essay In English

Millions of children below the age of 14 are working in factories, shops, glass-blowing industry, workshops in the most miserable and unhygienic work conditions. According to Census data, there are over 82 lakh child labourers (aged between 5 – 14 years) in India. Our country requires more number of skilled manpower to achieve the objectives of growth, development and advancement. With such a huge number of children employed in menial jobs, without education, how can India achieve her goals? How will India have skilled manpower unless these children are educated and trained in their respective skills?

Child Labour In India Essay

The Indian Government must take some proactive measures to stop this problem of child labour and must ensure education for them. Undoubtedly there are many laws against child labour, however their poor implementation is responsible for the continuation of the problem. The government must work harder and involve the people and Non-Profit Organizations to curb the problem in the country. There is only one measure that can check this social evil; and that measure is strictness. Unless the Government deals with the offenders with the iron hand, this problem is going to spoil the lives of millions of children.

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