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BSEB 12th Exam 2020 English Suggestion | बिहार बोर्ड 12 वीं परीक्षा मॉडल पेपर

Short Answer Type Questions

[1.] How according to C.E.M Joad is modern civilization different from old civilization?
What does C.E.M Joad say about Modern civilization?
Answer - C.E.M Joad in his essay "Our Own Civilization" tries to draw a line between the new civilization of our time and the old ones. He says that the modern civilization is tempered with science. Machines play important roles in almost every walk of life. Even the machines have not become more important than man. It has helped in extending civilization to greater part of the world. Hence it is durable too. Bardarians can destory it in one part of the world bu not everywhere. 
         The old civilization on the other hand was localized. It could easily be destroyed by barbarians. Besides this the old civilization was not as secure as the modern one because there were not advanced weapons to protect it from barbarians.  

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[2.] Why are order and safety necessary for civilization? 
Answer - Order and safety are necessary for civilization because without them civilization would be impossible. Without them scientist, artists and other creators can't create new things. 
[3.] How should man spend his time and energy? 
Answer - Man should spend his time and energy in making more beautiful things, finding our more and more about universe, removing the cause of quarrels between nations and discovering ways to prevent poverty. 

[4.] What factors produce good manners? 
Answer - Sympathy with others and understanding of our own limitations are the factors which produce good manners. 
[5.] What is the importance of good manners in life? 
Answer - Good manners play a very important role in social life. Good manners consists of compassion, understanding and realization of one's limitation. Good manners breed sweetness while bad manners poison the whole system of life. One should develop the art of conversation in such a way that one can be successful in winning the good will of others. Thus we can say that good manners can make us a good human being. 
[6.] What should be the rule of conversation? 
Answer - The rule about conversation should  be made all acceptable. In company everyone should be given equal chance to speak. If one speaks, the other should listen to. This is the best way. 
[7.] Why did the author ask "Is it me?" when he saw the photograph? 
Answer - When the author saw the photograph he asked "Is it me?" because  he didn't think the eyes in the photograph looked like his eyes. 
[8.] Why is the author Stephen Leacock not pleased with the photographer? 
Answer - The author is not pleased with the photographer because of his irritating behaviors. As soon as the author enters into the studio of the photographer he gets cold reception. The author was angry with the photographer because he was making awkward comments about the author's face which the author just couldn't accept. 


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