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[25] ITBP Animal Transport Constable General Knowledge & General Awareness

ITBP Animal Transport Constable General Knowledge & General Awareness - 25

1.    India’s first Vertical Garden has been set up in which state? – Bengaluru
2.    Our Solar System is a part of which galaxy? – Milky way (Galaxy)

3.    Abhinav Bindra is associated with which sports? – Shooting 

4.    Rift valley is formed – Between two faults  

5.    Giriputrika Kalyana Pathakam Scheme is launched by which State? – Andhra 

6.    Evaporation is the result of – Generation of heat 

7.    Who was named 2017 AIFF player of the year- Sunil Chettri 

8.    Which one of the following responsible for turning Taj Mahal yellow – Sulphur Dioxide

9.    Which of following order is given to the planets of solar system on the basis of their sizes- Jupiter, Saturn, Earth, Mercury 

10.    Amjad Ali Khan is associated with – Sarod 

11.    What is the name of the first train of Indian Railways handed over to private players for operation- Tejas Express

12.    The book entitled, ‘Playing it my way’ has been authored by – Sachin Tendulkar 

13.    In which decade was the telephone invented – 1870’s 

14.    Which state has announced weekly offs for Police for the first time in India – Andhra Pradesh 

15.    The hymns of ‘Rigaveda’ are the work of – many authors

16.    The number of Union Territories in India – 8

17.    Who was called ‘Grand Old Man of India’ – Dadabhai Naoroji

18.    Who is the third largest desert in the world – Gobi Desert 

19.    Which country has accepted the policy of dual citizenship – U.S.A.

20.    In which State was the India’s first 3D Smart Traffic Signal installed for the first time- Punjab 

21.    Which among the following states has highest sex-ratio in last population census – Tamil Nadu 

22.    The largest planet in our solar system is – Jupiter 

23.    Which one of the following National Highways is the longest – NH-7 

24.    World Environment Day is on – June 5

25.    __________ is also called ‘sunrise’ industry – Automobile 

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